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Hope’s Windows – Where Ancient History Meets Modern Welding

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Hope’s Windows Last winter, Team DSC® traveled to Jamestown, New York. Many great things have come from this small town in Upstate New York, a few worth mentioning being Lucille Ball and DSC President Jerry Meek’s grandmother who actually went to school with the famous comedian. This last trip to Jamestown was made with the purpose to visit Hope’s Windows, Inc., the world’s preeminent manufacturer of custom steel windows and doors.  During our time … Read More

In Pursuit of The American Dream

On June 6, 2017, Marcos Castro, longtime Team DSC® friend and colleague, took the Oath of Allegiance that completed his journey to becoming a United States citizen. Born in Mexico, Marcos has consistently dedicated his life to being a good citizen – for his community, his friends, and most especially for his wife and two young children. This can be witnessed in the high level of care and skill he commits to every DSC and … Read More

My First Job Site By Jerry Meek

I remember my very first job site. It was my childhood home. And my dad was the one building it. It was late in the summer of 1964… I was almost 5 years old and loved doing anything my dad did. That afternoon, while my father put up walls at the house that would eventually become our home, I decided I should help—putting in floors! That’s what I would do. Even at 5 years old, … Read More

The Journey Towards Sustainable Craftsmanship

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Larry Langhurst and Bernie Becker of Woodesign When Woodesign owners Larry Langhurst and Bernie Becker combined their talents, skill, and expertise in 1979, they began delivering signature woodworking that blended magnificent craftsmanship with superior service while infusing the principles of sustainability. Now more than 35 years later, Woodesign is leading the charge together with DSC to raise the bar on green building so it is not just an outstanding achievement, but … Read More

How Architecture Inspires A Rich Life

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Mark Candelaria of Candelaria Design Associates Mark Candelaria, AIA founded Candelaria Design Associates to help his clients take their “daily experience of living in their personal environment to the highest level.” Celebrating 35 years of a successful architectural career that first began with icon George Christiansen, FAIA, Mark learned early on that combining his passion for architecture, travel, good food, and great company is the most powerful tool he has to enliven his client’s custom … Read More

In Business Magazine – First-Ever ‘Master of the Southwest’ Specializing in Home Building

The first ever recipient of the Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner specializing in home building was officially announced in an award ceremony held recently at the Scottsdale Design Center. Jerry Meek, President of DSC, is first recipient of the award in its 27-year history whose services and company focuses solely on custom luxury home building. Click on the article or read more here: In Business Magazine – First-Ever ‘Master of the Southwest’ Specializing in … Read More

Phoenix Home & Garden – Dancing Light

IN PARADISE VALLEY, AZ, CREATIVE VISION AND MASTERFUL TEAMWORK COMBINE IN A GROUNDBREAKING SCULPTURAL HOME Rooted in a desert landscape with views of Camelback Mountain, businessman Randy Knight’s new house is a piece of sculpture, with sweeping rooflines; sheltering, angled walls; panoramic windows; and a mix of bold materials meant to reference Arizona’s geology. Click on the article or read more here: Phoenix Home and Garden March 2017

6 Perspectives That Will Forever Change Your Idea of Modern Architecture

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Brent Kendle of Kendle Design Collaborative Discreetly tucked away among the Sonoran Desert trees in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ is Kendle Design Collaborative, a consortium of architectural modernists whose cutting edge custom residential designs elevate both those who live in the homes and the environment in which the home and its inhabitants live. Knowing that great architecture is more than just clean lines and the incorporation of clarified materials, Brent Kendle, President … Read More

Country French – Genuine Panache

When the doors are opened wide and the flickering flames of gas-lit lanterns dance in reflections on the pool, this compact stucco-and-stone Arizona cottage transports its guests. “You really think you’re in the South of France,” architectural consultant Jim Smith says. Maybe that’s because Smith counts France among the European countries in which he’s lived, and builder Jerry Meek visited Provence during construction, returning with fresh ways to foster authenticity. Click on the article or … Read More

6 Actions Your Competition Won’t Do To Earn Client Trust

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Allan Rosenthal of Linear Fine Woodworking “Money is not my client’s problem. Knowing who to trust is. The greatest commodity I think that any company can have is trust with a client. That’s what we strive for.” We asked Allan Rosenthal, leader of the European-style craftsmen at Linear Fine Woodworking, his secret to earning the trust of not only his clients, but also his team of over 20 years. The 3rd-generation woodworker and Phoenix … Read More