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How Architecture Inspires A Rich Life

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Mark Candelaria of Candelaria Design Associates Mark Candelaria, AIA founded Candelaria Design Associates to help his clients take their “daily experience of living in their personal environment to the highest level.” Celebrating 35 years of a successful architectural career that first began with icon George Christiansen, FAIA, Mark learned early on that combining his passion for architecture, travel, good food, and great company is the most powerful tool he has to enliven his client’s custom … Read More

6 Perspectives That Will Forever Change Your Idea of Modern Architecture

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Brent Kendle of Kendle Design Collaborative Discreetly tucked away among the Sonoran Desert trees in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ is Kendle Design Collaborative, a consortium of architectural modernists whose cutting edge custom residential designs elevate both those who live in the homes and the environment in which the home and its inhabitants live. Knowing that great architecture is more than just clean lines and the incorporation of clarified materials, Brent Kendle, President … Read More

6 Actions Your Competition Won’t Do To Earn Client Trust

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Allan Rosenthal of Linear Fine Woodworking “Money is not my client’s problem. Knowing who to trust is. The greatest commodity I think that any company can have is trust with a client. That’s what we strive for.” We asked Allan Rosenthal, leader of the European-style craftsmen at Linear Fine Woodworking, his secret to earning the trust of not only his clients, but also his team of over 20 years. The 3rd-generation woodworker and Phoenix … Read More

5 Ways to Achieve Top Quality Interior Design

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Donna Vallone of Vallone Design DONNA VALLONE WITH HER FAMILY Interior designer Donna Vallone, ASID, Allied, has transitioned from owning Berkley House to ten years of designing interiors for Anne Gale of Wiseman and Gale, the “grand dame” of Southwest luxury design, and back again to owning her own business since 2001 as the president and lead designer of Vallone Design. Leveraging over three decades of design business expertise, Donna Vallone has … Read More

4 Questions Answered by a Visionary Arizona Landscape Designer

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Jeff Berghoff of Berghoff Design Group Jeff Berghoff has always had a vision to do things differently. This vision has enabled him to reinvent the concept of custom home gardens so they are not just attractive landscapes, but an experience that is alive with spirit and personality. More recently, Jeff celebrated the premiere of his conceptual photography exhibit Visions of Garden Life where he merged his three loves – Architecture, Garden … Read More

6 Questions Answered by an Arizona Real Estate Icon

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Walt Danley of Walt Danley Realty Celebrating his 40th year in the real estate industry, Walt Danley has led a high-caliber team of realty professionals as President of Walt Danley Realty. With his leadership, the team today is revered as one of Arizona’s premier real estate brokerage firms. Providing world-class service to the crème de la crème of Arizona homeowners, Walt Danley and his real estate associates have proven that hard work, integrity, and an acute sensitivity to … Read More

3 Important Factors to Great Lighting Design in Your Custom Home

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Walter Spitz and The Team at Creative Designs in Lighting The lighting designs of Walter Spitz and The Team at Creative Designs in Lighting are like the silent ninjas of a custom residential project. The light can bend and shift the ambiance of a space, making the environment come alive, but it all happens without you ever noticing its presence. The best lighting designs, according to Spitz, are those that disappear … Read More

Custom Home Builder Profiles in Excellence Walter Spitz Creative Designs in Lighting Desert Star Construction

5 Rewards of Visionary Landscape Design

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Russell Greey of Greey | Pickett Russell Greey is an esteemed landscape architect and designer. Together with his business partner, Wendell Pickett, their firm Greey | Pickett excels at delivering custom land planning, architectural theming, landscape architecture, and development strategy services to realize the vision of their clients. The company’s success is derived from a literal hands-on approach both in the office when they draw their designs on the drawing board … Read More

4 Unique Perspectives How Architecture Will Enhance Your Life

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Erik Peterson, Nikal Conti, Scott Carson, and Ron Skoog of PHX Architecture Recently, Team DSC® had the opportunity to interview the Principals of PHX Architecture – Erik Peterson, Scott Carson, Ron Skoog, and Nikal Conti. In our conversation, they each revealed their own unique perspectives on the meaning behind PHX Architecture’s tagline “Living Architecture,” and how they utilize this philosophy to breathe life into their many custom residential and commercial projects as … Read More

7 Distinct Perspectives to Define Your Custom Home’s Personal Style

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with David Michael Miller of David Michael Miller Associates “To get to a simple, calm, cohesive end product, all these careful choices have to be made along the way. If there are too many details that aren’t quite right in the finished product, it just doesn’t work. We’ve been able to meld two worlds together where the creative side is just as important as the delivery and the execution.” NAVIGATING DESIGN EXCELLENCE … Read More