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5 Rewards of Visionary Landscape Design

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Russell Greey of Greey | Pickett Russell Greey is an esteemed landscape architect and designer. Together with his business partner, Wendell Pickett, their firm Greey | Pickett excels at delivering custom land planning, architectural theming, landscape architecture, and development strategy services to realize the vision of their clients. The company’s success is derived from a literal hands-on approach both in the office when they draw their designs on the drawing board … Read More

4 Unique Perspectives How Architecture Will Enhance Your Life

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Erik Peterson, Nikal Conti, Scott Carson, and Ron Skoog of PHX Architecture Recently, Team DSC® had the opportunity to interview the Principals of PHX Architecture – Erik Peterson, Scott Carson, Ron Skoog, and Nikal Conti. In our conversation, they each revealed their own unique perspectives on the meaning behind PHX Architecture’s tagline “Living Architecture,” and how they utilize this philosophy to breathe life into their many custom residential and commercial projects as … Read More

7 Distinct Perspectives to Define Your Custom Home’s Personal Style

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with David Michael Miller of David Michael Miller Associates “To get to a simple, calm, cohesive end product, all these careful choices have to be made along the way. If there are too many details that aren’t quite right in the finished product, it just doesn’t work. We’ve been able to meld two worlds together where the creative side is just as important as the delivery and the execution.” NAVIGATING DESIGN EXCELLENCE … Read More

6 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom to Design and Build Large Scale and Premier Projects

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Jon C. Bernhard of Swaback Partners Though he would like to reassure you that his professional title doesn’t really mean much, Jon Bernhard or “Jon B” as he is referred to by clients and peers, has achieved more than enough architectural accolades to warrant his rightfully earned title as Principal Architect, Designer, and Senior Partner of the architecture firm Swaback Partners. Having led design projects that are now “going big” in … Read More

7 Tips to Bring the Most Value to the Client Experience

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Robert Moric of bulthaup Scottsdale Robert Moric, owner of premier kitchen producer bulthaup Scottsdale, knows the premium luxury market breeds remarkable, one-of-a-kind clients who expect superb service, desire superior quality, and above all, seek the best value for their investment. Similar to DSC, his business has continued to thrive because Robert champions his clients’ expectations and delivers absolute value at every level. Team DSC® asked Robert to share his formula for … Read More

5 Must-Have Features of Every Perfectly Built Staircase

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Murray Herron of Accent Design & Manufacturing MURRAY HERRON WITH HIS WIFE CATHY Murray Herron, founder of Accent Design & Manufacturing, is often referred to by Team DSC® as the man who can build anything. His passion for outstanding workmanship is obvious in every Desert Star Construction project he touches, whether it is a grand foyer staircase or beautifully designed railings. Though every custom built staircase is a unique work of … Read More

5 Eye-Opening Tips When Choosing Your Windows and Doors

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door Greg Lucas is the founder and owner of Sienna Custom Window and Door. He has graciously shared with us the five most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing, installing, and maintaining custom windows and doors in your home or office. Windows and doors serve as a portal to another world. Whether you are outside looking through a window into a stunningly … Read More