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Professional Builder – Smooth Moves

The winners of this year’s Professional Builder Design Awards show design virtuosity, skillful site use, and eco-smarts. The soaring canopy of intersecting roof planes is your first sign that Dancing Light is special and worthy of the Project of the Year and Gold Awards. Builder Jerry Meek, president of Desert Star Construction, says the home took 22 months to complete. Click on the article or read more here: Professional Builder Magazine – Smooth Moves Project of … Read More

In Business Magazine – First-Ever ‘Master of the Southwest’ Specializing in Home Building

The first ever recipient of the Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner specializing in home building was officially announced in an award ceremony held recently at the Scottsdale Design Center. Jerry Meek, President of DSC, is first recipient of the award in its 27-year history whose services and company focuses solely on custom luxury home building. Click on the article or read more here: In Business Magazine – First-Ever ‘Master of the Southwest’ Specializing in … Read More

Phoenix Home & Garden – Dancing Light

IN PARADISE VALLEY, AZ, CREATIVE VISION AND MASTERFUL TEAMWORK COMBINE IN A GROUNDBREAKING SCULPTURAL HOME Rooted in a desert landscape with views of Camelback Mountain, businessman Randy Knight’s new house is a piece of sculpture, with sweeping rooflines; sheltering, angled walls; panoramic windows; and a mix of bold materials meant to reference Arizona’s geology. Click on the article or read more here: Phoenix Home and Garden March 2017

Country French – Genuine Panache

When the doors are opened wide and the flickering flames of gas-lit lanterns dance in reflections on the pool, this compact stucco-and-stone Arizona cottage transports its guests. “You really think you’re in the South of France,” architectural consultant Jim Smith says. Maybe that’s because Smith counts France among the European countries in which he’s lived, and builder Jerry Meek visited Provence during construction, returning with fresh ways to foster authenticity. Click on the article or … Read More

Portfolio Magazine – Understanding Technology in Custom Homes

From digital assistants to fully integrated home automation systems, smart homes and technologically-savvy offices are slowly but surely becoming the standard. Jerry Meek sat down with Portfolio Magazine to talk about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the way homes and commercial projects are built and being upgraded with cutting edge appliances, renewable energy systems, and artificial intelligence to keep up with the ever-changing, fast-evolving technology landscape. Click on the article or read more here: Portfolio Magazine – Understanding … Read More

Phoenix Home & Garden – The Hospitable Home

When the homeowners decided to build their dream home in Paradise Valley, AZ, one of their requirements was that it be not just somewhere to live but also a place to hold everything from intimate soirees to large functions. Click on the article or read more here: Phoenix Home & Garden July 2016 – The Hospitable Home

Bloomberg Businessweek, Money & Fortune Magazines – A CEO’s Unconventional Secret to Success

Despite the monumental success of his 38-year-old custom homebuilding company, you won’t find Desert Star Construction (DSC) CEO Jerry Meek at the top of an ivory tower. In fact, you’ll find him at the bottom, giving a boost to everyone around him. Click on the article or read more here: Bloomberg Businessweek, Money Magazine, Fortune Magazine – A CEO’s Unconventional Secret to Success

Portfolio Magazine – Go Green

The top three contributors to household energy consumption are Conditioning (Heating & Cooling), Water Heating, and Lighting. To help reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, consider taking the steps outlined in the article below alongside your qualified and licensed professional of choice. Click on the article or read more here: Portfolio Magazine – Go Green

Arizona Republic – Keeping Up With The Internet of Things

More and more building components are becoming IoT ready, including appliances, air-filtration systems, mobile accessible HVAC in addition to audio, video, and security components, said Jerry Meek, president of Desert Star Construction in Phoenix, the state’s first custom-home builder with a LEED for Homes Accredited Professional certification. Click on the article or read more here: Arizona Republic – The Internet of Things

ARA10 – 4 Tools To Build The Power of Your Team

Your team’s greatest successes, from designing groundbreaking architecture to building a client’s dream home, are created using a powerful set of tools. The aim of these tools should be to provide support to your team that increases effectiveness while lowering the pressure usually associated with high performance. From the moment you discover your own unique set of team building tools, you will find that your best results suddenly connect with your hopes and dreams as they … Read More