Gold Nugget Awards 2018 – Winners Book

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Judges Statement: When searching for a home that exemplifies Indoor/Outdoor lifestyle, the judges were looking for something that pushed the boundary of this popular trend. This home is the ultimate example of seamless flow between indoors. Further, it reaches into the natural landscape to take inspiration in its form and materials. Each room frames a view and provides connectivity to the outdoor spaces whether it is the central courtyard, the back terrace, or intimate exterior yards and gardens around the perimeter of the home. The geometric roof canopies are inspired by local geography and monsoon cloud formations taking cues in the design from its outdoor setting. The judges felt the exterior pool and expansive folding glass wall on two sides of the primary living space make this a special kind of space that blurs the lines of where indoor and outdoor begin and end. The architecture is of its time and place references the best nature has to offer.
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