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In Pursuit of The American Dream

On June 6, 2017, Marcos Castro, longtime Team DSC® friend and colleague, took the Oath of Allegiance that completed his journey to becoming a United States citizen. Born in Mexico, Marcos has consistently dedicated his life to being a good citizen – for his community, his friends, and most especially for his wife and two young children. This can be witnessed in the high level of care and skill he commits to every DSC and … Read More

My First Job Site By Jerry Meek

I remember my very first job site. It was my childhood home. And my dad was the one building it. It was late in the summer of 1964… I was almost 5 years old and loved doing anything my dad did. That afternoon, while my father put up walls at the house that would eventually become our home, I decided I should help—putting in floors! That’s what I would do. Even at 5 years old, … Read More

Realizing the Vision

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Greey | Pickett 5 Rewards of Visionary Landscape Design Russell Greey is an esteemed landscape architect and designer. Together with his business partner, Wendell Pickett, their firm Greey | Pickett excels at delivering custom land planning, architectural theming, landscape architecture, and development strategy services to realize the vision of their clients. The company’s success is derived from a literal hands-on approach both in the office when they draw their designs on the … Read More

In Honor of Independence Day

IN HONOR OF INDEPENDENCE DAY 2016 Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners, and Clients,  In the American holiday calendar, for me, no day is more significant than the Fourth of July – the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Declaration proclaimed to the world our separation from Great Britain and our emergence as a new sovereign nation, as we state in the pledge to our flag, “under God, with liberty … Read More

Navigating Design Excellence

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with David Michael Miller 7 Distinct Perspectives to Define Your Custom Home’s Personal Style The interiors designed by David Michael Miller Associates strike a delicate balance between exacting precision and intuitive delivery that enhances both the look and feel of many DSC custom homes. Their design philosophy includes 7 distinct perspectives that enable David Michael Miller and his team to navigate discerning clients through the exciting journey of defining their home’s individual … Read More

Go Big or Go Home

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE with Jon C. Bernhard, AIA of Swaback Partners 6 Golden Nuggets of Wisdom to Design and Build Large Scale and Premier Projects Though he would like to reassure you that his professional title doesn’t really mean much, Jon Bernhard or “Jon B” as he is referred to by clients and peers, has achieved more than enough architectural accolades to warrant his rightfully earned title as Principal Architect, Designer, and Senior Partner of … Read More

National Tools Day

NATIONAL TOOLS DAY What tools help you succeed with your greatest projects? As you can imagine, Team DSC® uses a wide variety of tools on a daily basis – from the large-scale tools we use to break ground on a new project to our proprietary Team DSC® Mobile Application. Choosing the right tools and knowing how to make the best use of them is extremely important in the success of any project you endeavor. That’s … Read More

Thank YOU for 38 Inspiring Years

WELCOME TO THE NEW STANDARD Desert Star Construction thanks YOU for 38 years! Today we send our deepest gratitude to our Clients who are the heroes and inspiration of what we do at Desert Star Construction. On behalf of all of our colleagues, partners, and vendors – THANK YOU. You are the reason why our team has been blessed with 38 years of building magnificent relationships, projects, and memories with truly exceptional people who we … Read More