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Team Builder Toolbox® by Jerry Meek Desert Star Construction

Dear clients, friends, partners, and colleagues, I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you that my first book TEAM BUILDER TOOLBOX® is a #1 best seller on Amazon and now available for purchase! Purchase the book here: The concept of this book was birthed while I was writing a training tool for DSC team members. Since our very first tool was used, the toolbox has enabled Team DSC® to remain focused on … Read More


DSC Standard with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door

PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE 5 Eye-Opening Tips When Choosing Your Windows and Doors with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door Greg Lucas is the founder and owner of Sienna Custom Window and Door and longtime friend and partner of Team DSC®. He has graciously shared with us the five most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing, installing, and maintaining custom windows and doors in your home or office. What he had to … Read More

Desert Star Construction Celebrates 37th Birthday

DESERT STAR CONSTRUCTION CELEBRATES 37th BIRTHDAY Desert Star Construction will celebrate its 37th birthday on February 14th. (That’s right – Valentine’s Day!) And every year we are humbled by the wonderful opportunities that inspire us to consistently deliver value, integrity, and excellence. Whether we’re building a custom luxury home, sharing our expertise with partners and peers, or being a good listener and a caring friend, we strive to enrich the lives of those around us. … Read More

With Thanks From Team DSC®

WITH THANKS FROM TEAM DSC® Dearest Friends and Family, As the holiday season approaches and we take a moment to give thanks for yet another outstanding year at Desert Star Construction, we can’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for those team members who continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to help take our various custom residential projects around the Valley to the next level of quality and service. … Read More

Building The Best Better®

BUILDING THE BEST BETTER® Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Did you know that Labor Day was started in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland to honor the contributions and achievements of American workers? With this in mind, we hope you enjoyed your holiday and continue celebrating your successes as we look forward to all the new opportunities that are yet to come.If you take a moment to visit our website right now by … Read More

A Father’s Legacy

A FATHER’S LEGACY Desert Star Construction wouldn’t be what it is today without my dad. With his guidance and dedication, he instilled a foundation of integrity that has not only uplifted our company since we opened in 1978, but positively influenced our entire industry. To this day, he continues to inspire us all to greatness.I’d like to share with you a brief Father’s Day video message that was created to honor both my father and … Read More

Happy Earth Day from Team DSC®

HAPPY EARTH DAY FROM TEAM DSC® Hello friends!As stewards of both sustainability and an exceptional custom home building experience, the team at Desert Star Construction wishes to thank all of our clients and valued partners for doing their part to build and design “green” and further every effort to steward our planet’s resources. By choosing to construct custom homes with leading edge “green” technology and implement building practices that lead towards Net Zero Energy or … Read More

New Year of The DSC Standard®

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR OF THE DSC STANDARD® Today we celebrate with you Desert Star Construction’s 36th Anniversary! To kick it off, we’re sending you an enriched edition of The DSC Standard®. Below you’ll find stories and updates along with new and interesting information about Team DSC®. We are thrilled to share another exciting and rewarding year with you! HIGH PERFORMANCE FORUM with DARREN HARDYBy Jerry Meek My wife Carol and I arrived at … Read More

Thank You! 35 Years With Team DSC®

What a remarkable 35th anniversary year it has been! We’ve been blessed with many new projects that have granted us the opportunity to integrate leading–edge sustainable technologies, create new and exciting partnerships, and deepen friendships with our most valued trade partners and clients. With so many opportunities at hand and many more on the horizon, we felt it was essential to show our appreciation for the community that has continued to enrich our lives both … Read More

The DSC Standard® – DSC Celebrates 35 Years!

DSC Celebrates 35 Years! Dearest friends and family,Today marks an incredible milestone in the history of Desert Star Construction – our 35th year in business. As we take a moment to reflect and celebrate our greatest achievements, I can’t help but ask the question: Does anyone succeed alone?It is with a heart full of gratitude to all of you that I share a few of my thoughts in order to answer this important question… When … Read More