Miele, Woodcrest, and Team DSC Cook Up A Fine Evening

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By Matt Rulapaugh

Miele Event 2014

On Wednesday, April 16th, Team DSC® met up with the crew from Woodcrest Fine Cabinetry & Design at the Miele kitchen showroom for what was to be a fun night of hands on cooking. To our surprise, we did very little cooking, as the reps at Miele decided to change things up a bit and provide us with a fully cooked meal.  A little disappointing since I love to cook, but sometimes it is better to let the pros show us how it is done.

Jerry Meek Miele Event 2014

The food was prepared using the DGC Miele Combi Steam Oven, and the taste of the food that came out was pretty amazing. The chicken was ridiculously juicy, and the vegetables were fork tender and perfect.

Beyond the food, the most memorable moment was when we received a demo of the infamous Miele coffeemaker. I was, in essence, dared by my DSC teammates to drink Espresso for the first time in my life. Since I don’t drink coffee, I truly believe I didn’t get too hyper from the drink at first, but my wife commented on my non-stop chatter when I got home. (Side note: I still don’t like coffee.)

Espresso Miele 2014

Number one takeaway from the evening is that it will be sometime before I can personally afford something along the lines of a Miele Steam Oven. I would, on the other hand, recommend their products in a heartbeat if I was ever in the position to do so.

All in all, it was a great treat to interact with Woodcrest’s team, and I look forward to the next chance I get to share a good meal and a seemingly good cup o’ Joe amongst friends and colleagues.

Miele Event 2014 Desert Star Construction