Matt Rulapaugh

Though Matt Rulapaugh rarely works with clients directly, he champions their goals and vision as much as any member of Team DSC®. As Project Accountant, Matt manages tasks ranging from contract creation to payable handling. He also processes every change order that occurs during the life of a DSC custom building project. “My job begins on day one, but really kicks off when a luxury home leaves the drawing board,” says Matt. “I make sure clients get that new tile they’ve fallen in love with, that their flooring purchase is perfect and that it all balances out on paper.”

Matt is no rookie to the construction industry — his parents are long-time owners of a custom cabinetry company. “They specialize in commercial, so residential is a little different. It runs at a faster pace.” This sometimes makes Matt wish he could clone himself (ironic because he’s an identical twin), but he always prevails. “I’m calm under pressure. It doesn’t frazzle me. It just reminds me of the importance of my role, which is to keep the numbers accurate while we make every DSC home special and unique to the owner.”

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Arizona State University. A bit of a self-proclaimed nerd, he is crazy about The Dresden Files and Dexter. He’s also been an avid bowler since age 7, when he and his cul-de-sac crew would peddle down to the local lanes with bowling balls on their backs. Matt now enjoys a similarly “normal” life — raising his kids together with his wife and cheering on the Chicago Bears. Oh… and continuing his winning streak beyond his recent 4th perfect game of 300 and working towards achieving the coveted 3-game score of 800+.