DSC Standard with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door

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5 Eye-Opening Tips When Choosing Your Windows and Doors with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door

Greg Lucas is the founder and owner of Sienna Custom Window and Door and longtime friend and partner of Team DSC®. He has graciously shared with us the five most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing, installing, and maintaining custom windows and doors in your home or office. What he had to share with us was quite surprising because choosing a window or door goes way beyond a simple product.

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“We all know when we step onto a Team DSC® project, the expectation is excellence. We all rise to meet that level of expectation.”

– Greg Lucas, Owner
Sienna Custom Window and Door
by DSC Sustainability Programs Manager Jeremy Meek
It sounds like a simple thing, but making sure the filters are changed out regularly per manufacturer guidelines can save a significant amount of energy and keep more cool, clean air coming your way! The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) measures filtration; a higher MERV rating provides greater filtration of the air and will also restrict more air going through your system. Without having a system specifically designed for high MERV rated filters, generally you don’t want to install a filter with a MERV rating greater than 8–10. However, make sure to check with the manufacturer of your system and/or the professional that installed your system. If your MERV rating is too high (and/or dirty) your equipment will not be running as efficient as possible.

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Team DSC® is honored to deliver this traditional American Craftsman style home with only the highest standard of mastery and skill that is distinctive of every Desert Star home.

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Team DSC®, Damon Wake from Candelaria Design Associates, and a few brave friends and family participated in the Toyota Extreme Terrain Mud Run on July 23rd in Flagstaff, AZ. Despite the dirt caked on our faces, we all came back winners that day!

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