The Craftsman

Faith, family, and lots of fun. An instant classic, this home is a departure from the typical architecture found in the desert southwest and is a breath of fresh air, hearkening to the American heartland.

After searching the Valley for the perfect place to raise their family, the homeowners of The Craftsman decided to enlist Desert Star Construction to build the Personal Resort of their dreams. Taking inspiration from their San Diego vacation home, Team DSC® helped the family create the perfect traditional Craftsman-style bungalow nestled in the heart of a coveted North Scottsdale neighborhood.

Property Details

  • Year Built: 2014
  • Size: < 10,000 sq ft
  • Style: Craftsman
  • Honors: Phoenix Home & Garden Feature Home

Dream a Little Dream

Honored as a Phoenix Home & Garden Dream Home, the residence was made to fit the needs of the family’s energetic lifestyle with materials and furnishings chosen specifically for durability and quality. Welcoming you inside the home is an open floor plan that allows the family and their beloved pets to remain connected whether they are in the kitchen, the great room or the dining room. At the end of a busy day, the nearby den gives the parents the chance to retreat while their children sleep soundly in their bedrooms above.

The Craftsman Scottsdale - Blue Room

A Surprise Around Every Corner

Fun surprises can be found throughout the home, inspired by the wishes of the homeowners. The children’s rooms and en suite baths were specifically designed and built to reflect each child’s unique personality while a secret closet passage complete with a hidden laundry shoot connects their bedrooms. Even their pets are well cared for as a cabinet cove near the floor provides food and water for the family dog and small cutouts in the shape of a cat’s head discreetly lead to litter boxes.

The Craftsman Scottsdale

A Space for Every Occasion

When the family isn’t in the backyard enjoying the pool or using the outdoor patio and grill, one of their favorite places to spend together is the front porch. Connected to the formal dining room with French doors, the indoor-outdoor feel of the space is perfect for visits from grandparents or friendly neighbors. If guests decide to stay for a longer visit, they are invited to a private guest bedroom and bath located on the second floor.

The Craftsman Scottsdale

built for the future

The Craftsman is custom built for the homeowners and their children to live life to the fullest. Together we’ve built a special place for them to create new memories that will last them a lifetime.

The Craftsman Scottsdale

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