5 Eye-Opening Tips When Choosing Your Windows and Doors

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with Greg Lucas of Sienna Custom Window and Door

Greg Lucas is the founder and owner of Sienna Custom Window and Door. He has graciously shared with us the five most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing, installing, and maintaining custom windows and doors in your home or office.

Windows and doors serve as a portal to another world, which is why professionals like Graceland Windows and Doors exist, in the hopes of helping you improve the look and the value of your home. Whether you are outside looking through a window into a stunningly beautiful home or inside looking out onto yet another vibrant sunset cascading across Camelback Mountain or even walking across the threshold of a magnificent doorway, you want your windows and doors to be an expression of your greatest vision and your lifestyle.


Know who you are doing business with. Ask your window and door professional about their expertise and experience. Do they know about the latest innovations in glass? Are they up to date on all building and energy codes? Are they versed in sustainable and energy-efficient products? Are they knowledgeable about what products are currently trending? When a window and door professional is involved in a custom project there is typically an architect, interior designer, or builder providing a vision based on the client’s wishes. We listen closely to what they want to achieve. The expertise and knowledge we’ve gained over many years enable us to effectively contribute to realizing their vision. You should expect us to stay up to speed at all times on the latest product trends and innovations because this is how we provide the team with viable solutions. If you are looking for a Window Company you may want to try somewhere similar to Window World.


The reputation of the company you’re dealing with goes a long way. Learn about the projects they’ve worked on and always ask for references. For example, this NJ window replacement company has reviews and design ideas on their website to get an idea of what they’re offering and their past designs. What teams do they work for on a consistent basis? When your window professional says they’ve worked on a variety of successful projects for a reputable builder, architect or designer, it can become instant credibility. For example, Team DSC® and many of the other teams who work with DSC are well respected, well known, and recognized as the best of the best here in the Phoenix area. So it’s just like saying if a tradesperson can satisfy DSC and be on that team, then they’re satisfying clients who go to those teams to attain that high level of quality, excellence, and integrity.


Realize it is absolutely critical that there is support in place after a product is sold. Is there a reliable, accessible, and responsive team in place who can support you with the proper communication and services to help your overall project run smoothly? From shop drawings to installation and maintenance, your professional needs to make sure that your windows and doors are ordered, detailed, delivered, installed, and maintained correctly. In addition, once your home or office is completed, your builder will want to know that should something happen, they can call us and trust that we’ll take care of fixing any issues that arise.


Every project has some kind of budget. Some are really big – some aren’t so big. It all comes down to a balancing act where people have different aesthetics that they want to fit with their projects. Clients approach their architects, builders, and designers with their hope for a dream home. People travel far and wide to find someone that can create their vision. For example, you might use a home builder in Cheyenne, WY because they’re the only ones who understand your vision. You’re in your home nearly every day, you should be surrounded by features that you love. They tell them what they want it to look like, describe their lifestyles, and share how they want their windows and doors to function so they can accommodate and enhance their lifestyle. We collect all the information from the team and listen closely to what the client wants. Then we aim to reach the highest quality level, the function they want, the kind of warranties required and identification of the manufacturers needed and then tie all that up into a budget that works with the chosen product. Together with the entire team, we figure out a way of working within a given budget without compromising the look the feel of the house.


We have many clients who come to us and want the newest sustainable window on the market. New technologies can be expensive. That’s when they ask us what else they can do to achieve similar results and stay within their budget. Because our clients come to us with a variety of needs and a range of budgets, we have product offerings in each of the main categories that coincide with the type of windows and doors clients are installing in custom homes. If a client happens to want a product that we don’t carry, we’ll go out and source it. At the same time, our partners like DSC know that we’re not going to bring in just any company. We’ll vet them out, make sure they are providing a quality product at a price point that is highly competitive and that provides us with the same level of support that we provide our clients.

Greg Lucas with Jerry Meek


“Even though Sienna Custom Window and Door was founded in 2001, I have been working in the industry since the late eighties. My first project with Jerry and Team DSC® was in 1997, and we’ve done some really incredible projects together such as THE AMBASSADOR and THE STATESMAN.

Jerry and his team understand the value that our company brings to the project. They evaluate the needs of their client and make decisions based on whether they believe it is the absolute right fit. Clients listen to Jerry and his team because they trust them.

We all know when we step onto a Team DSC® project, the expectation is excellence. We all rise to meet that level of expectation.”


The Ambassador


The Statesman