Tried and True: The Value of Time-Honored Relationships

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By Jerry Meek



La Grande Maison

As the saying goes, “Time will tell.” When it comes to completing a large-scale custom project such as “La Grande Maison”, time is extremely valuable. From start to finish, the entire team diligently worked together on this incredible project to consistently deliver the most value for the homeowners’ time and investment. One way we made sure this happened was by coming together as a team that not only offered a history of success, but also brought long term relationships with key partners that directly supported the delivery of the project.

The project involved the expertise of Erik Peterson from PHX Architecture (architect), Colleen Pawling of Pawling Design Associates (interior designer), Jeff Berghoff of Berghoff Design Group (landscape architect), Creative Designs in Lighting (lighting design), and Desert Star Construction (custom builder). Each member came to the project knowing that we could rely on the professionalism, talent, and skills of the entire team to get the job done. Our history with one another enabled us to function like a well-oiled machine where we provided the right support in a timely and professional manner and inspired each other to do the best job we could for the benefit of our clients.

Our years of working together meant we could deliver refined processes, enhanced communication, and a high level of trust. We knew what to expect as the project progressed, making the execution of tasks and deadlines exceedingly efficient and effective. Our shared mutual respect made the entire experience enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

At the heart of such longstanding professional relationships are loyalty and commitment. Seasoned partnerships are dedicated to leading with honesty and integrity every step of the way, especially when unexpected obstacles arise. Rather than pointing fingers and deflecting responsibility, we were able to come together to work through challenges until a sustainable solution was reached.

When you look closely at a team that has worked together over a long period time, you often find that the members share a similar code of values that are expressed throughout every transaction. Values such as trust, integrity, and open communication were significant to the outcome of “La Grande Maison”. They defined our experiences and ultimately served to determine the success of this once-in-a-lifetime project.

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