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There’s nothing like an Arizona spring. At DSC, we’re particularly inspired by the season’s ability to blur the lines of indoor and outdoor living. Yards become family rooms. Patios become kitchens. Pools become game rooms. It’s magic!

Team DSC® is passionate about creating a complete home environment. We give equal weight to interior and outdoor living spaces because each gives us special settings to enjoy family and friends, and each feeds our souls and warms our hearts in different and important ways.

We’ve planned and built these spaces with a great many of you and we’re so proud of the results that we’ve created together—a mix of our expertise and your requests and creativity. When spring comes, we think of you on the patio and we smile.

With gratitude,

Jerry Meek and Team DSC®

Wondering about the photos? I was honored to fly in a C135 this month as it re-fueled F16 fighter jets. Thank you, Phoenix Air National Guard!


If you’re thinking of building or renovating, your indoor/outdoor environment will likely be a big part of that process. Now, while the weather is nice, is the best time to evaluate how you spend time in your outdoor spaces. What do you use your yard and patio for? Are those uses limited by lack of amenities, space or other features? These are the starting points for inspiration. Check out these photos for more!
The Statesman’s main outdoor gathering area is complete with all of the comforts of the indoors… and then some. It gives the homeowners a place to welcome guests for a party or enjoy casual dining and conversation with family and friends by the fire.

DSC’s structural makeover on The Entertainer opened a new view of the Valley. Thanks to the home’s cantilevered roof, DSC was also able to install bi-parting, floor-to-ceiling doors and a direct walkway from the bedroom to the spa or pool.
With bi-parting and pocketing motorized doors, homeowners at this Welcome Home—at the push of a button—can open their home up to meticulous lawns and walkways. It’s a favorite spot for entertaining that is further enhanced by re-use of beams and existing windows, which both were part of this project’s enhancements.

A decade after Team DSC® originally completed this home, we were asked to return and update the Shangri-La and its outdoor environment. Pocketing and motorized doors bring the outside in. Indoor/outdoor dining spaces, a conversation area and a new fireplace also were added, as was an upper-level covered roof for soaking in views. See more from this home in our residential e-brochure.


Did you know that natural lighting makes people work, learn and feel better? Skylights are a great way to bring natural light in. Unfortunately, traditionally designed skylights cause significant indoor heat gain and are only effective at certain times of the day. The solution? A new skylight that comes complete with an integrated solar powered GPS tracking system. This product follows the sun throughout the day and consistently reflects daylight indoors from sunrise to sunset. By replacing traditional skylights with new Sun Tracking Smart Skylights, we can cut lighting cost by 40 to 80 percent. Team DSC® was privileged to complete the first-ever residential installation of this product and would love to share our knowledge with you!


Ready for more ideas? Here are some of our clients’ favorite indoor/outdoor upgrades:

  • Architectural amenities like pocketing and motorized doors that mingle indoor and outdoor spaces, and take advantage of views and natural light.
  • Additional levels that create dynamic patios, second story loggias and dining areas
  • Space plans that increase comfort and ease hosting demands for social, political and family activities
  • Landscape plans that make the most of the outdoor experience and maximize sun, shade and water-saving strategies
  • Pool heating systems that extend use and are offset by renewable energy
  • Solar electric systems that make you your own, personal utility company and offer utility company incentives and tax credits
  • If you’re ready to build or renovate your indoor/outdoor spaces, DSC is standing by to help. Let’s get out together!