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It’s not hard to regard Desert Star Construction as family. After all, our specialty is residential construction—a process that requires us to spend a great deal of time focused together, as a family, building for families.

I am exceedingly proud of the residences that Team DSC® has delivered over the past 33 years, and the families who have been strengthened by the work of our talented experts. I’m equally proud of the many families that make up Team DSC®, and that my two sons and my wife are among that team. Having just celebrated Father’s Day, I can’t help but beam at all of these achievements and look forward to all that lies ahead.

With gratitude,

Jerry Meek and Team DSC®


In June, DSC was included in a Phoenix Business Journal Father’s Day story. The article highlighted two Phoenix companies where fathers are passing the “entrepreneurial torch” on to their children.
Today, our firm represents three generations of Meek men—Gerald, Jerry and Jeremy and Jonathan—and we couldn’t be prouder. Team DSC® also includes many other tremendous fathers—David, Doug, Kieran, Luis and our latest first-time father, Marcos.

Some may not realize that family businesses make up as much as 90 percent of all U.S. companies and, according to the Family Firm Institute, generate 60 percent of all U.S. employment and about half of the nation’s gross national product. We are honored to belong to this “club” and hope to continue the tradition for generations to come.


In 33 years, some things at DSC have changed. Other things have stayed exactly the same…

Then: An average home project was 800 square feet.
Now: Residential projects range from sustainable “green” new construction and renovations to luxury Personal Resorts exceeding 40,000 square feet. We are also in design on our first net–zero custom residence.

Then: Employees consisted of Gerald and Jerry, with help from key trade partners.
Now: Jerry works alongide leading industry partners and Team DSC® experts that include project managers, superintendents and administrative super stars. What hasn’t changed? DSC still runs on Meek DNA through Jerry, wife Carol (Office Administrator/Corporate Officer), son Jeremy (Sustainability Programs Manager) and son Jonathan (Intern).

Then: Meek sons were encouraged to pursue their passion. Gerald and Jerry chose DSC.
Now: Meek sons are encouraged to pursue their passion, and the legacy of their contributions to DSC continues.


Team DSC® has been anxiously awaiting the 48th Annual Gold Nugget award luncheon, when we would learn if our entries—each of which earned Awards of Merit—would also be named 2011 Grand Award winners. On June 23, we were in person to recieve the good news: both Zona Verde and Phoenix Dream Center earned the coveted honor.

The Gold Nugget awards are the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the nation, garnering entries from across the U.S. and world. We once again send a heartfelt thank you to the project partners who made these achievements possible. To that, we also add a very big congratulations!
Zona Verde
Category: Custom Home over 6,500 square feet
DSC Partners: Candelaria Design, Phoenix, AZ
Vallone Design, Scottsdale, AZ
Berghoff Design Group, Scottsdale, AZ
Team DSC®Kieran Davern, Project Superintendent
Jeremy Meek, Sustainability Programs Manager, in charge of LEED Certification

Phoenix Dream Center
Category: Building Industry/Community Spirit Award
DSC Partners: Jim Moffatt & Associates, and the many trade contractors and suppliers who donated their time, talent and resources to make this dream a reality.
Team DSC®David Schumm, Project Manager
Doug Shadd, Superintendent