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As Team DSC® continues to celebrate its 35th anniversary, I can’t help but think about the incredible mentors who have helped shape our past and future success. When friends and colleagues ask me whether a mentor has been integral to the prosperity of Desert Star Construction, I always reply with a simple question:

Do I want to reach my full potential and be all that I am meant to be?

I am a firm believer that none of us make it alone in life. Having a mentor or several mentors throughout a career is a prerequisite for success. Trusted advisors help prevent mistakes that you may not have initially seen; they encourage you to reach better outcomes. Having a mentor is like having a personal coach. Every successful professional sports team has a great coach; the players do their best when they listen and apply what they have been asked to do. They keep you motivated, help you maintain laser focus, and encourage you to look ahead to what is next. They ask you the hard and great questions to take you to the next level both personally and in your professional career.


With today’s technology, we can find and choose any mentor we want. There are amazing people everywhere! Some of my greatest mentors are people I have yet to meet. For example, I have read every book by John Maxwell, and in the last two years I have read and listened to Darren Hardy. His book The Compound Effect and the series Living your Best Year Ever are watershed events in my life. If you have the desire to become more, the contents of these books will change your life.

I believe that mentoring is an attitude and comes in many forms. For the last several years, Team DSC® has invested time and resources doing many non-profit projects throughout the Valley. Each project has given us the opportunity to take on the role as mentors as well as be mentored simply through the act of giving back. We’ve helped build a coffee house, a baseball field, and a commercial kitchen that serves 750,000 people a year. Most recently, we finished ten new rooms for The Rescue Project, which focuses on victims of human trafficking. Currently, my goal is to focus on the health of Team DSC®, because I believe we are impacting our industry by what we are becoming as an organization.

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For me, being mentored is a very good thing, and then being able to pass on to others what I have been taught is the absolute best! I have had countless conversations with some of the most successful people in the world. These talks have opened my mind and inspired me to greater quests. I know that as long as I remain an apprentice and enjoy learning and improving, there is always a higher level to be achieved and a greater success to share with the world.

Most Sincerely,

Desert Star Construction, Inc.