Phoenix Home and Garden – Light Touch

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Beauty lies behind every antique wooden door inside this airy home. But it wasn’t always that way. “It was a typical Paradise Valley 3,000-square-foot box,” recalls architect Mark Candelaria of the original property Scott Fey and Dana Lyon purchased three years ago before looking for someone local and getting to work on the renovation. That basic brick box became the basis for a 4,500-square-foot residence that is now comfortable and elegant, rustic and refined.

With bespoke details like a custom bathroom with frameless shower doors, a waterfall shower and one-of-a-kind faucets, bedrooms with adjustable lighting, custom-made beds and spacious wardrobes, a kitchen fit for any kind of entertainment with large ovens, all new countertops, and a floating island, the list goes on and on about the renovations done to change the space from run down to luxurious, and the steps taken along the way to achieve the look and feel wanted. The electrical fittings have been done to a standard that any electrician would be proud to put their name to it with the lighting casting an atmospheric glow over the finished project.

Due to the rustic appeal, there are a lot of wooden features that bring the whole design process together. However, with wooden elements, there is always a risk of termites infesting the home, especially in humid or wet climates. Ensuring that people with remodels like this have pest control specialists on hand, should help to get rid of the problem before it gets worse, or give them advice on how to avoid termites coming into the home.

With the help of builder Jerry Meek of Desert Star Construction, the remodel was completed in May 2004. No details are spared in the way that having such help assisted in the overall reconstruction and remodeling of the property. The mixing of warm hues and modern touches came together to create something beautiful and unique for the new dwellers.

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