Kieran Davern

As Superintendent and Head of Construction for DSC, Kieran Davern is never bored. Officially, he is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of project trade contractors, suppliers and co-workers, and maintaining schedule, budget and relationships to produce a superior product. Unofficially, Kieran is the willing participant in all matters that take DSC to the next level of expertise, growth and reputation in the luxury construction space.

Kieran has been working in some form of the construction industry since he was 16 years old. As a 16-year veteran at DSC, he’s expertly leveraged that experience, raising him from assistant project manager to superintendent to Head of Construction in the span of ten years.

What does Kieran do best for DSC? “I’m an avid weight lifter, so we could go with ‘I can lift heavy things’,” he jokes. “On a more serious note, I’d say it’s my ability to manage 360 degrees — from trade contractors to clients to co-workers. That’s where I feel I really make a difference.” What’s his favorite DSC memory? “Anytime the team is together,” he says. “When something needs to get done, we come together and take care of it. It’s like the coach just called in the ‘heavy hitters’ and nothing’s going to stop us.”

Kieran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction and School of Architecture and Environmental Design, where he was both a scholarship recipient and on the Dean’s List. He loves books and movies (yes, he’s that guy that will quote movie lines randomly during normal conversation). He also enjoys the NFL and NCAA, but his ultimate hobby — and his fondest memories — are of his family. “You can’t beat the birth of your children or the memories of a parent,” he says. “I most admire my step dad. He supported me and disciplined me, but that’s what made me love him. He’s no longer with us, but my son carries his name out of that respect.”