Jerry Meek

For 40 years, Desert Star Construction has led the custom home industry with absolute integrity, superb quality in every endeavor, and a pure heart of gold. There is no doubt that the success of DSC lies with its winning team, but at the core of every magnificent organization is a champion who leads by example and inspires those around him to reach beyond the limits of their own imagination and achieve great things.

Jerry Meek is the President of Desert Star Construction and the leading force behind Team DSC®. Through his vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, resilient work ethic, and commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence, Jerry has elevated DSC to become one of the most distinguished and well respected custom luxury construction companies in the southwest.

Chicago-born Jerry credits his parents for forming the foundation of his character and his company. “My mom encouraged me and taught me to love people. My father taught me discipline and raised me up in the construction industry,” Jerry says. “I was working on job sites with Dad at age five.”

In 1972, the Meeks settled in Arizona and Jerry, spurred by his high-octane personality, began growing his list of accomplishments. By age 14, he’d started his first business — a landscaping company. “I bought a truck for the business, but I wasn’t old enough to drive it,” Jerry recalls. “So I hired an adult to drive so that I could trim trees. I loved to get up every day and go to work. That I’m still able to do this is a true reflection of the hope of our country. We need to remind ourselves that with discipline, belief and hard work, anything is possible.”

By his junior year, Jerry was working as a carpenter’s apprentice and had entered his tenth and final school, Paradise Valley High School. Here, he played the lead in the musical South Pacific, was elected Student Body President and National Honor Society President, and joined the Concert Choir where he met his future wife, Carol.

At age 18, Jerry forged a carpentry business with his father that serviced the custom home and commercial markets. At the urging of architect and colleague George Christensen, the Meek men next obtained their General Contractor’s Licenses and Desert Star Construction was born, with a focus on excellence and integrity in the custom homebuilding industry. Today’s DSC has advanced from the construction and remodel jobs “that no one else wanted” to an award-winning, landmark commodity that regularly completes some of the Valley’s most prestigious and luxurious custom home and commercial projects. In the process, DSC’s results have been published in more than 30 magazines and earned honors such as a multiple Gold Nugget Awards, Phoenix Home & Garden Home of the Year, Southwest Contractor, and NAHB Custom Home of the Year. In 2017, Jerry was the first-ever luxury custom home builder to receive Phoenix Home & Garden’s Master of the Southwest award, an award program in its 27th year that recognizes the best in design and craftsmanship.

Yet for Jerry it still boils down to the basics. “Treat every day like a blessing and an adventure,” he says. “Then go out there and live a daily commitment to excellence.” He revels in the fact that each new DSC project creates new memories and relationships that last a lifetime. “Our work is personal for us and for our clients, so understanding our customers’ needs and desires is our top priority,” says Jerry. “We’ve built our business on that level of relationship, workmanship and integrity, and our clients have responded. They’ve helped us build this business on their kind referrals.”

Outside of enjoying Carol’s homemade lasagna and cherry cheesecake dessert, Jerry lives for the opportunity to grow and improve DSC, and to care for and encourage his wife, his two sons (Jeremy and Jonathan), his staff and his clients. He is also a dedicated community servant who has made a lasting imprint on organizations such as the Arizona Science Center and the Phoenix Dream Center, the latter of which earned Desert Star Construction a Heart of Business Award and Community Spirit Award. “It’s not the money you make, it’s what you do with it,” Jerry says.

In his precious free time, Jerry loves embarking on Meek family adventures. “We’ve traveled across the world together and have had equally wonderful times close to home, like quading and cycling near Flagstaff,” he shares. As for his “day job,” Jerry still enjoys the challenge of running his own luxury construction business alongside Carol, his wife of 37 years. “We’re not just building the American Dream, we’re living it,” he says. “For me, it’s not a job, it’s an adventure that I’ll never get out of my system. I just love it.”