Carol Meek

What makes Carol Meek so special? A better question may be what doesn’t? As Office Administrator, Corporate Officer and wife to Jerry Meek, Carol leads the DSC office team and is the guardian of the financial aspect of every Desert Star Construction project. She serves in virtually every capacity from contract liaison to human resources director to accounts payable/receivable. She is also one of those truly authentic, talented experts who holds herself and her work to the highest standard.

Carol’s attitude of doing business with people as opposed to companies is the cornerstone of each day. As such, you’ll often find her going that extra step to provide DSC’s luxury build clients with concierge-level service and respect in every stage of the custom building process. She extends that effort to the DSC staff as well, encouraging them to put their skills to the highest and best use. “I encourage them to dream big and remind them that every day is preparation for the next,” says Carol. “If you make the most of today — you’ll get done today what needs to get done today — you’ll be ready for the great things that will come tomorrow.”

Applying this attitude over three decades, Carol has built a bridge of efficiency, accuracy, trust and transparency between the DSC office and its trade contractors, vendors and customers.

Carol graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a major in Lodging, Restaurant and Tourism. She enjoys hiking, biking and traveling, and occasionally slowing down for a good book or movie — the more inspirational, the better. “I love ‘It’s Not About Me’ by Max Lucado. The title of that book says it all,” she shares. “Really, I love any narrative about people overcoming what others think can’t be done.”

Above all, Carol cherishes her family. “Jerry and I have been a team since we met in high school. I feel privileged to work beside him to build a family and a business,” says Carol. “After so many years together, I still greatly admire him as well. He started from humble beginnings and created what he is today with a strong work ethic, determination, passion and vision. I’m proud of our accomplishments and the fun we’ve had along the way.”

Carol’s memories of — and hopes for — this company run parallel. “I always want to make the most of the present moment,” she says. “At the same time, I’m looking forward to the next chapter, implementing sustainability applications and championing better ways of doing things in a challenging marketplace so that we emerge stronger and better than ever.”