Bob Karwacky

Bob Karwacky thrives on a good challenge, especially when it comes to the creative process involved in developing a system that will bring more efficiency and add more value to the lives of a DSC client. “Dealing with clients is my favorite part. If there’s some new technology or automation we’ve added to their home, I love teaching them, conversing with them, and getting to know them.” This passion is why Bob is leading the charge together with Team DSC® to deliver superb client and maintenance services through Desert Star ConciergeSM, DSC’s luxury property management enterprise.

As Director of Operations for Desert Star ConciergeSM, Bob offers over 19 years of facility and automations management expertise. After establishing himself in automation systems as lead project manager for Southwest Systems Monitoring, Bob was appointed as Facility Manager to design the complete operations infrastructure and customer experience at the preeminent Scottsdale Hangar One. “Everything was controlled, so we set up the whole procedure to follow. You go to this panel, open it up, connect or disconnect, and engage the system. There’s so much creativity involved in developing a highly defined process. It’s just a lot of fun.”

After his time at the Hangar, Bob broadened his horizons as Operations Manager for the Phoenix office of AVAI where he was responsible for all projects involving the implementation of technology automation in large estate homes and commercial buildings. He then made the decision to branch out with his own consultancy firm, which solidified the versatility of his services from management and team building to customer relations and technical support for residential and commercial properties.

Now an integral member of Desert Star ConciergeSM, Bob’s responsibilities include interfacing with clients, tracking and optimizing maintenance processes, and surveying automation and technology systems in existing projects to ensure services are consistently delivered with the distinction of excellence that defines every DSC endeavor.

“The most important function of Desert Star ConciergeSM is to share with our clients the value we’re adding to their homes. We’re going to help them maintain their investment by making sure every system functions at its best because our clients deserve the very best.”