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with David Michael Miller

7 Distinct Perspectives to Define Your Custom Home’s Personal Style

The interiors designed by David Michael Miller Associates strike a delicate balance between exacting precision and intuitive delivery that enhances both the look and feel of many DSC custom homes. Their design philosophy includes 7 distinct perspectives that enable David Michael Miller and his team to navigate discerning clients through the exciting journey of defining their home’s individual style. 

“To get to a simple, calm, cohesive end product, all these careful choices have to be made along the way. If there are too many details that aren’t quite right in the finished product, it just doesn’t work. We’ve been able to meld two worlds together where the creative side is just as important as the delivery and the execution.”
~ David Michael Miller
Principal, David Michael Miller Associates


A CEO’s Unconventional Secret to Success: Elevate Others First

Friends and colleagues often ask me what I believe is the secret to success. My response often surprises people because after 38 years in business, I have come to realize that success is not bound to spending long hours toiling over projects or strategy, it’s not about how much money earned, spent or saved, and it’s not about the awards or accolades…


The secret to success lies in elevating others first – your team, your partners, and most especially, your clients.

This “secret” can be easily implemented into your own business right now. I encourage you to discover what you can do to help elevate the talents and strengths of your team, so that together you may realize your greatest goals and successes.

If you have 4 minutes today, please take a moment to read and share DSC’s most recent news article. May it inspire you to elevate those around you:

“A CEO’s Uncoventional Secret to Success” as featured in the June 2016 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Money and Fortune Magazine

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Jerry Meek
President / CEO
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“Nobody has ever accomplished anything great alone.”

~ Jerry Meek, President of Desert Star Construction