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It’s all about love this month, and that’s right up our alley. It’s also a sentiment that fits well with this issue’s focus: renovation! For 33 years, Desert Star Construction has been helping clients keep the love alive by restoring their once “dream” homes into properties that newly reflect their lifestyle and incorporate the latest luxury amenities and products.

This was our goal at El Chorro Lodge—a home-away-from-home for many Valley residents and a project that we’re proud to announce is now Arizona’s first full-service, LEED Gold certified restaurant.

Read on for details and photos from our latest amazing renovation, and thoughts to ponder if you’re at a crossroads in your home’s life cycle. There are so many ways to join in the renovation nation!

With gratitude,
Jerry Meek and Team DSC®


In December, we told you about a large home renovation that we were completing in Paradise Valley. Now that the project’s done, we can show you! This 1986-built home was purchased by an international client who called on DSC and award-winning Scottsdale interior design firm Est Est to update the property while incorporating European touches that matched his home back “home.” This home boasts our first of many installations of Savant, an Apple-based home control system that allows this client to run their entire house off of their iPhone or iPad… from anywhere in the world!

Take a look!

Lighting, plumbing and cabinetry mirrored the client’s favorite European styles.

Because DSC renovated the home from the studs outward, we were able to make significant architectural and materials updates, like Icynene foam insulation that virtually eliminates drafts and glazed windows that create stunning new views from this hillside location.

This home had not been renovated in decades, so much of our efforts focused on major areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. This included the addition of some exceptionally fun elements, such as expansive marble slabs, high-end bathroom fixtures and beautiful kitchen cabinets imported from Europe.


We’ve talked before about the rising popularity of renovation—an option that keeps homeowners out of today’s challenging real estate market and in their own home, while DSC modifies that home to adapt to current desires, lifestyles and design trends.

But how does a renovation financially compare to other alternatives, like selling your home and buying another existing home; building a new home at a new location; or salvaging your home and building new on the same land?

These are big decisions and we know it! That’s why we offer a free evaluation that helps homeowners consider their current situation and provides hard data that clients can use to make an informed decision.

If you’re at this crossroad, we’re here to help. Call us at 480.951.4425 for your free evaluation.