The DSC Standard® – August 2012

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Spring is here! The cacti are in bloom and the Valley is beginning to burst with various colors and shades of green. We hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather and we thank you for your continued referrals. We are available to meet with you or your friends for any upcoming projects that you are ready to embark upon. This month, we took a closer look at the benefits of building green and sharing a moment with Team DSC member – David Schumm. April also marks the completion of our largest philanthropic project to date, The Dream Room Project at the Phoenix Dream Center.

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Jerry Meek and Team DSC®



Desert Star Construction was recognized by Arizona Foothills Magazine as one of the Top Builders in the Silverleaf community. In an exclusive interview, Jerry speaks to what drew him to custom home building, what his passions are and why he loves to build in Silverleaf. Read more.



The trend in housing is building green, but what does that really mean, how much will it actually cost and does it come at the sacrifice of luxury? These are great questions and we set out to answer them. Read more to learn just why building green is the way to go and how Team DSC® can partner with you.


Many of you have worked with David, but for those who have yet to meet this powerhouse, he is one of Team DSC’s® best kept secrets. Except now, the secret is out of the bag. Read on.

David, what is the best skill that you bring to the table?

I’ve been a registered architect for over 20 years and bring to the table many years of construction and design experience. I take on each project as if I was building my own home, and I love every minute of it. I pride myself in taking the time to really listen to what the clients, and the trades, are saying. A client once said it best “David’s a great owner advocate”, as he would leave the area for several weeks at a time, knowing that the project was in good hands.

What aspect would you like to work on or technology would you like to integrate into a project?

David Schumm, age 6, with his Dad reviewing plans on a project site. We recently built a home in which we integrated a Savant system with the client’s i-technology. The Savant System allows the client to adjust heating and cooling, lighting, media, surveillance cameras, even the pool temperature, from anywhere in the world. Since he lives in Europe, this was a tremendous asset to him. Now, when he arrives to his home here in the Valley, everything is just as he likes it… complete with his favorite classical music welcoming him as he walks through the front door. What I like about this technology is the level of personalization it brings to the client with very little effort. There is currently no other system out there that delivers on such a high level of stability with such consistency using only one device: their iTouch. Simplicity at its finest.

Does any particular project memory stand out in your mind?

One of the projects required that we provide demolition to an existing residence. The owners invited my kids over to help demo the residence. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled and it made for a fantastic memory. The owners were such passionate people and were intimately involved in every facet of the construction and design. I really enjoyed that project. The home is a true sculpture and a piece of art that they call home.

David is such a valuable asset of the team, and our clients aren’t shy in giving him accolades.

“… we have been particularly privileged to work with David. He is a true professional who has an amazing command of all aspects of the project and who never rests until each of those aspects satisfies our desires and Desert Star’s high standards. He has been an invaluable resource for us as we work our way through the design and construction process.”
Jim Radley, client


We are in the final stages of wrapping up the Dream Rooms. The transformation that has taken place is absolutely inspiring. Indeed, it is beyond words. We received a call this morning from one of the tradesmen. Through his tears, he said he was overwhelmed by the impact that a woman coming from the bondage of sex slavery will experience when she walks into these rooms. What an honor, he said, it was to be part of such a life changing project.

A special thanks to all who continue to help make this project a reality. We’ve captured some photos for your enjoyment.