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Dear clients, friends, partners, and colleagues,

I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you that my first book
TEAM BUILDER TOOLBOX® is a #1 best seller on Amazon and now
available for purchase!

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The concept of this book was birthed while I was writing a training tool for DSC team members. Since our very first tool was used, the toolbox has enabled Team DSC® to remain focused on our core competencies as we continue to strive to improve as individuals and construction professionals. Each tool found within the TEAM BUILDER TOOLBOX® has been instrumental in enabling the team to consistently raise The Standard of Excellence within our industry and throughout our community.

Every time I read a new book, the contents become validated when the author is a person who has accomplished or performed what he or she is writing about. These tools have been implemented by Team DSC® over the course of many years and have delivered immeasurable positive results. Now we share this same toolbox with you together with the principles behind their effectiveness.

As you read the TEAM BUILDER TOOLBOX® and share it with those who would benefit from its message, know that I continue to learn alongside you and look forward to hearing from you.

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”

– Samuel Johnson, Author

Please share with me how you plan to apply these tools to your own life and business and what tools you discover that best motivate your team. What tools inspire you to live your greatest day, every day of your life?

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ABOUT THE BOOK TEAM BUILDER TOOLBOX® is an inspirational new book that describes how leaders can use the same set of tools found inside a builder’s toolbox to serve a more profound purpose beyond building a physical structure. The thirteen tools will show you how to tap into the greatest potential of your team. Personal anecdotes featuring some of our most celebrated residential and commercial projects emphasize the impact and value of each tool.