Panorama Chique

Built with pure intentionality and created with the utmost care to detail, this Paradise Valley home is an homage to stunning views of Camelback Mountain and the peaceful sanctuary of home.

The moment one walks through the private courtyard and into the intimate entryway enriched by natural light, an immediate sense of balance captivates the senses. Every aspect of symmetry in this home was accomplished at the hands of the very best designers, architects, artisans, trades and vendors.

Property Details


Designed to feature the homeowners’ fine art collection, the residence exudes finesse that flows from room to room with delicate ease. High vaulted ceilings and precisely matched natural wood grain throughout conceal natural lighting, mechanical equipment and climatizing systems.


A voluminous open layout gracefully brings together the kitchen and dining area with the living room without sacrificing the closeness of a personal conversation or an entertaining dinner party.

elemental unity

Interiors synergize with the exterior, combining pristine stone, brick, and clay elements to create an experience that visually elevates while complimenting both structure and design.


Perfectly positioned to let in the magnificence of Camelback Mountain, expansive steel windows and doors by Hope’s open to a serene outdoor patio framed by desert fauna and gentle white roses.


One would think such an exquisite contemporary home would require endless hours of effort together on site, yet Team DSC® collaborated with the design team almost entirely via remote communication to bring this dream residence to life. Joining forces with professionals located across the country, Desert Star Construction exuded the extraordinary skills and thoughtful leadership necessary to deliver the successful completion of this one-of-a-kind custom luxury residence for the clients.

With special thanks to our clients and: