Jewel of the Foothills

Upon first sight of this stand out contemporary residence in Ahwatukee, color introduces immediate drama. The instant impact is a prelude of the magnificence that is to come.

Team DSC® was entrusted with both building and renovating this exclusive Personal Resort® of the desert foothills. Both times, the homeowners enjoyed the process of selecting a family of colors that would serve to bring out the brilliance of the home. The couple didn’t want to tame the desert. Instead, they used a grand semicircular rock outcropping to define the home’s setting.

Property Details


The more recent renovation led by Desert Star Construction, architect Jim Moffatt (a protege of George Christensen), and interior designer Angelica Henry reinvigorated the home by enhancing the dining and outdoor areas for large family gatherings. The couple worked closely with their design team to implement a new palette that brings out the rich intensity of colors like ochre, gold, turquoise and purple.


The homeowners originally purchased their land in what was at the time a remote enclave of South Mountain Park. As the Valley of the Sun grew and the couple became ready to break ground on their new home, visionary architect George Christensen showed the couple how they could arrange their living spaces to frame the views they so loved.


The two-story, split-level home became one with the desert in the form of two building masses linked by a stunning central glassed-in entry. One mass contains an upstairs comprised of the living room, dining area, kitchen, master bedroom and guest suites. Downstairs are additional bedrooms, an office, storage space and modern home theater. The other mass holds a garage and workshop.


On a separate lower level, the couple built a pool and patio deck with a view of the Estrella Mountains. With greater ability to enjoy the breathtaking desert vista, the homeowners felt free to entertain family and friends. These precious relationships, including the one with their family dog, are what bring the most vibrant color into their lives today, as well as into the lives of those who are invited to experience the home.

With special thanks to our clients and:

  • Architect: George Christensen
  • Photographer: Roehner + Ryan