Desert Paradiso

Art deco sophistication joins New York sensibility with a vision for sustainability to enhance this home nestled in the heart of Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Having lived, worked and flourished in New York City for over 25 years, the homeowners began their search for the perfect winter residence poised to enliven their passion for designer fashion, exquisite art, and the worldly spirit of their globe-trotting lifestyles.

Property Details

realizing a dynamic vision

The creative power of Candelaria Design Associates, MMB Design Studio and Team DSC® enabled the contemporary home to advance a unique blend of custom art deco embellishments, furnishings, and construction that entreats the unmistakable vibe of New York finesse with the scale, texture, and relationship of the Arizona desert.

Paradise Valley Candelaria Design MMB Studio

sanctuary of icons

With a treasured collection of art including, among others, Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Longwy ceramics and line cuts, Murano glass, and Keith Haring dominoes, the homeowners realized the full potential of their creative vision in the heart of Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Candelaria Design MMB Studio

chic in the arizona desert

Considered to be the most important room in the house, the great room creates an indoor-outdoor feel with a windowed glass entry to the gardens that frames breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain. The fireplace wall is made of porcelain tile that mimics steel to create a glamorous reflection. Just outside, the pool and bocce court offer guests an oasis of entertainment.

Paradise Valley Candelaria Design MMB Studio

best of the best

Recognizing the absolute potential of extraordinary design begins with the aesthetic and ends with performance, the homeowners looked to Desert Star Construction to bring their home to the leading edge of sustainability. The desert residence generates all of its own energy with the guesthouse earning an impressive -4 on the HERS scale of sustainability, making it the first luxury Net Zero Energy LEED certified custom luxury home in Paradise Valley.

Paradise Valley Candelaria Design MMB Studio

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