Blue Ambrosia

Embedded in the desert hills of Paradise Valley like a sparkling blue precious stone is a 108-foot long luxury pool with an 80-foot infinity edge.

Built within the rear hillside of a luxury home and guesthouse, Blue Ambrosia was designed not just to be a place to swim, but a wonderful place for family and friends to share good times together and stay young in spirit.

Property Details

  • Year Built: 2013
  • Size: 108 feet long
  • Infinity Edge: 80 feet long
  • Volume: 200,000 gallons of water

paradise-worthy views

The entire surface area of the pool spans an impressive 2,566 square feet and is built at the existing roofline or higher to take full advantage of spectacular, unobstructed Arizona views while maintaining absolute privacy for guests and swimmers. Children can enjoy the thrill of sliding down two steep rock slides or jumping off two strategically placed diving rocks. Even the family dog loves to join in on the fun.

precision of excellence

Solid rock was carved out of the adjoining mountain using 1,500 cubic yards (2.5 football fields) of concrete and 100 tons of rebar to construct the entire structure including a 32-foot vertical retaining wall. Over 15,000 total man-hours and 30 concrete boom pumps were required to mount the concrete. Precision planning and painstaking coordination were essential to enable the incredible vision of this colossal dream pool to sparkle brightly beneath the Arizona sun.

enhanced natural beauty

Surrounding the swimming pool are 847 tons of Herculean boulders that were handpicked in Congress, AZ, transported one-by-one on semi-trucks, and delivered in specific sequence. The careful placement and design of each boulder (some as large as 28 tons) combined with salvaged Palo Verde, Mesquite, Ironwood and Joshua Trees create a naturalized environment that leaves the impression the pool has always been there.

at the heart of it all

At the heart of this remarkable pool structure is the water circulation, filtration controls and mechanical room, which are all locate below the pool structure to remain out of the line of sight. Ten pool pumps and a king-size reverse-osmosis filtering system are dedicated to maintain the best quality of water, both chemically pure and without particulate matter on the water surface.

quality is king

“I was first impressed by the quality of the work done by Desert Star Construction when they worked on the renovation of our house. Jerry impressed me in the way he was able to adapt in order to address our specific requirements and high expectations. For the pool, the project was far more complex and demanding. DSC was required to learn new techniques, and many times, work outside of is comfort zone. The day I have a new project, Desert Star Construction will be my first choice.”  ~ DSC Client and Owner of “Blue Ambrosia” 

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