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Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Did you know that Labor Day was started in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland to honor the contributions and achievements of American workers? With this in mind, we hope you enjoyed your holiday and continue celebrating your successes as we look forward to all the new opportunities that are yet to come.If you take a moment to visit our website right now by clicking HERE or on the image above, you’ll be one of the first to see our newest video featured on the DSC website. In just under 2 minutes, the video will give you a sneak peek at one of our newest projects, plus you’ll get to hear DSC President Jerry Meek share his thoughts on what makes a DSC home so remarkable. As with everything we do at Desert Star Construction, we put a lot of heart and soul into the making of this video. We are very excited to share it with you and thank you in advance for watching!

“Building a custom residential project is very difficult. There are a lot of details. When people ask me what’s different about your homes, I say it’s the thousands things you don’t see, but you feel.”

– Jerry Meek, President of Desert Star Construction


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Ever dream of owning a DSC home? The owners of “La Grande Maison” have recently put their magnificent Paradise Valley home up for sale. The king–size crown jewel estate includes five master suites and eleven baths in the main house, a crystal blue beach entry swimming pool complete with resort–style cabana and bathhouse, a world–class sports facility, a tennis court, three custom show garages, and a fully detached two–bedroom guest residence. The home is described in this month’s issue of the Robb Report – Home & Style as “A True Home Run to Paradise.”CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES OF “LA GRANDE MAISON” >>>

As the saying goes, “Time will tell.” When it comes to completing a large–scale custom project such as “La Grande Maison’, time is extremely valuable. From start to finish, the entire team diligently worked together on this incredible project to consistently deliver the most value for the homeowners’ time and investment. One way we made sure this happened was by coming together as a team that not only offered a history of success, but also brought long term relationships with key partners that directly supported the delivery of the project.READ MORE ABOUT OUR BUILDING PROCESS >>>


Doug Shadd has been referred to as representing the heart of Desert Star Construction, but the Superintendent quickly shrugs this off. “I just treat everybody like they should be treated,” he says. “I make sure my team knows that I appreciate them and that my clients know they’re special so they never have to look elsewhere.”

Doug’s 22–year history with DSC began as a trim carpentry contractor and evolved into a full–time position that he has enjoyed for the past ten years. He applies this hands–on experience to assigned construction projects, managing day–to–day leadership details with trade contractors, suppliers and co–workers, and an always–meticulous eye on schedule, budget and quality control.


At Desert Star Construction, it’s important to us not only to build state–of–the–art sustainable custom luxury homes, but to help those we care about lead more sustainable lives. That’s why from time to time, you’ll see us include fun videos, book recommendations, and other inspirational material that we believe can add real value to your life both professionally and personally.We came across a TED Talk by Julian Treasure titled “How to speak so that people want to listen.” What he has to say is so remarkable, we just had to share it with you. The human voice is the most powerful sound on the planet. It can inspire whole crowds or bring a single person to tears of joy. If you’re interested in wielding the power of your voice so that people start to really listen whenever you speak, then click HERE to visit Julian’s TED Talk or click his image above.