7 Tips to Bring the Most Value to the Client Experience

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with Robert Moric of bulthaup Scottsdale

Robert Moric, owner of premier kitchen producer bulthaup Scottsdale, knows the premium luxury market breeds remarkable, one-of-a-kind clients who expect superb service, desire superior quality, and above all, seek the best value for their investment. Similar to DSC, his business has continued to thrive because Robert champions his clients’ expectations and delivers absolute value at every level. Team DSC® asked Robert to share his formula for success, and we resonated with everything he had to say. In fact, any business owner, manager or team leader can easily implement Robert’s 7 tips to bring the most value to the client experience and wow them into becoming raving fans for life.

We don’t sell to our clients. We listen to our clients and connect with their needs, trepidations, hopes, and desires. So often we hear about a client going to a showroom and all they meet are “salespeople” who go on about the features and benefits of their products. In the end, the client only wished to grab a business card and use the restroom! Don’t just pretend to listen – really hear what your client is saying. Why are they here? What are their expectations? How can you connect with them? How can you add value to their lives? Like Team DSC®, we listen closely to our clients and find they tell us the answers to these questions. Through their words they share with us their hopes and dreams, what they value in life, and what they expect, so we can deliver our best. As mentioned in articles by the likes of Mike Grinch, learning about your customer base is instrumental when it comes to building a successful business.

When bulthaup began manufacturing products in Germany in 1949, they only had one product – black panel doors. Today in 2015, our product offering has grown, but we only offer one system with a style that is unique to all bulthaup kitchens. By choosing to focus our time, resources, and energy on one system, we are able to dig deep into our research and development and design a superior product that truly serves the needs of the most demanding clients. When you diversify so much that you try to be everything to everybody, your focus becomes muddled, the quality of your design lessens, and there is more room for error. The beauty of what we offer our clients and partners like DSC is that we design, build, and install one system of bulthaup kitchen, and we do it extremely well.

Whether our clients visited the former bulthaup showroom six years ago or they walk into our new location today, they are buying the best quality kitchen that is designed to be timeless and last forever. When we installed a kitchen in a recent Desert Star project, I was able to see firsthand how both of our companies build quality into every detail of our project. This is why it is easy for us to believe that what we offer is made of the highest quality possible, making it much easier to be the stewards of our client’s needs. Furthermore, to give clients quality it is important to have enough funding to back this so everything is done to the highest of its ability. Many businesses tend to invest in stocks and shares in order to gain more funds and use software like the forex robot, which helps to determine the best prices to sell and buy shares. This in turn brings more income to provide high-quality services for the client now and in the future.

Usually a client won’t ask you to fix something until it breaks, but when it does break, it’s too late. You’ve lost their trust and they’ll probably think twice before doing business with you again. This is why our German designers and engineers invent everything that goes into our kitchens so the chance of breaking or deterioration is removed. If something doesn’t exist that will enhance our products, it doesn’t stop us. Similar to DSC’s proactive approach to construction, we take a proactive approach to design and invent what we need to keep improving – a new hinge, a special aluminum lining to protect the wood from scratches, even an internal mechanical system that allows us to “fine tune” the frame of a door so it stays absolutely straight, much like tuning a piano back to perfect pitch. These elements have been created and installed into our kitchens in real time, so our clients don’t have to wait for next year’s model to benefit from these improvements. I can literally say to our client’s every day that they are buying the best kitchen we have on the market. You can’t just innovate and improve your products though, you have to innovate and improve the way in which your customers and clients interact with them. Make sure that the entire experience is customer centric and Salesforce, amongst other companies, specializes in helping with this.

Cooking and sharing a meal with friends and family is like a celebration. People connect through food and each meal holds its own significance in the lives of those who share it. The kitchen we create for each customer is meant to articulate that special connection we share with food and reflect their desires, dreams, and objectives. When our team sits down with our clients, the builder, interior designer, and architect, we learn about how they entertain, what they cook, how many people they cook for, and many other details that guide their options and shape the kitchen’s look and functionality within the home. From the first stages of design to installation and maintenance, our team then delivers the highest level of performance to fulfill the specific and often unique needs of the client.

When it comes to ordering a kitchen, most clients are asked if they want dark or light wood, the type of door handle they prefer, or the style of the kitchen’s overall look. At bulthaup, we find out how you cook, how you entertain, and we ask you about your expectations. Which appliances do you like? Are you changing the way you cook? Do you want to cook healthier? Do you want to explore a new style of cooking? We ask our clients if they have ever considered induction or steam cooking. Clients know what they want, but sometimes they don’t realize there are more options to consider when it comes to the functionality of their kitchen. You have to learn to ask the right questions so you can offer your clients the solutions that will ultimately make their lives easier.

Many of our clients are in Arizona building their second or third home. When they come from New York City, London or Hong Kong, they know and trust the bulthaup brand and ask us for referrals to industry partners like builders, architects, interior designers, and trade professionals. We then become a point of reference for our clients, and we gladly share with them the partners we trust to provide the same level of topnotch quality and service. These situations show us how essential it is to honor our partnerships with companies like Desert Star Construction, to stay inspired, and complete every project with excellence. As a business owner you are always hoping that people will speak nicely about you and send business your way. Whether you win the job or not, it is the gesture of valuing you that holds real value.

bulthaup Scottsdale team


“When it comes to reaching clients, DSC and bulthaup are kindred spirits. We have learned to be creative and give people value where they really believe value exists.

In our respective industries, we have become experts in cultivating a sense of “Ma”, the Japanese concept of time and space.

Our clients’ lives are so busy and full. What we do is create a place, whether it is a bulthaup kitchen or a residence like our most recent project with Team DSC® DANCING LIGHT, where these special people can be a part of the time, engage the space, and connect with the people around them. We provide them with a place to unwind, cook a good meal, have an enriching conversation, and feel good about being alive.

We work very hard to provide the value that makes the lives of our clients easier and gratifying.”

DANCING LIGHTCustom luxury home in paradise valley, az with bulthaup kitchen

VALLEY VISTACustom luxury home in scottsdale, az with bulthaup kitchen