Mike Burnidge

“The difference between Desert Star and its competition is character. You have created a rare company that is driven by a passion for integrity not by a passion for profit. In 2001, you took on one of the smallest and most thankless jobs in your company’s recent history when you completed the build-out on our church’s 4,000-square-foot coffee house. You could have cut corners, moved this project to the bottom of your priority list or declined the job all together. You didn’t do that. Instead, you invested your time, talent and vision in that project and treated it like it was the most important item on Desert Star’s docket.

Six years later, our coffee house has become the most versatile, most used and perhaps the most important building on our campus. The love and care you put in to that facility continues to build lives in this generation and will continue to do so for generations to come. Desert Star knows that the most important tool in a contractor’s toolbox isn’t a great hammer but a great heart. Thank you for sharing that heart with us!”