Keith Withycombe

“I meant to write this letter long before now. In a way, it may be better that I have procrastinated. We have been in our new home for four and a half months now, plenty of time for us to evaluate whether we are pleased with the construction. We absolutely love our home and have since the day we moved in! Of course, we have loved this home since the time it was only a design concept and a desert lot. But now it is a beautiful home, all we could ever have hoped for, and Patty and I want to thank you for making this dream come true and for the wonderful times we had during the process. I’m sure you hear as I do the endless horror stories from people who have had an unpleasant experience building their home. This isn’t our experience. We had a ball! Our pleasant experience is largely due to your skill as a builder, your excellent skills in dealing with people, your business skills and your committment to total customer satisfaction.

Friends naturally assume that I had a lot to do with the building of this home. What I really did was help design the home and select the best custom home builder in Arizona. By best I mean one who is honest, punctual, resourceful, communicative, pleasant and one who can assemble a good team (Carol, Gerald, David and Kenny were great!).

I could go on with more superlatives about you and the team at DSC but surely a prospective client will have gotten the point by now, especially if you show them this letter. Please feel free to use me as a reference and to have prospective client call for additional high praise. You can also mention that this letter is totally unsolicited.”