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Tesz Millan

Marketing Director

Though she may not be on site building DSC homes, Tesz is responsible for building Desert Star Construction’s exclusive brand and making sure the world knows about the extraordinary depth of expertise, dedication, and spirit that lives at the heart of every DSC project, achievement, and philanthropic initiative. “I resonate most with Desert Star’s unrelenting pursuit of excellence,” says Tesz. “We’re all extremely passionate about doing our very best, encouraging one another to go for gold, and making a real difference in the lives we impact.”

Before joining Team DSC® as their Marketing Director, Tesz was traveling the world as a professional singer, performing for international corporate events, entertaining political dignitaries, and sharing the stage with some of pop music’s biggest stars. Realizing that success cannot replace her love of family, Tesz returned to Phoenix to be closer to her family and shifted into a new career that blended her passion for creative expression with the education she gained with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

“Discovering and sharing stories that elevate, educate, and move people is what I live for,” says Tesz. “Everything about Desert Star Construction inspires those types of stories — from the millions of smart decisions that are made throughout the life of a project to the clients who have become lifelong friends of our team.”

When she’s not on her laptop harnessing the power of the written word for a Team DSC® blog article or strategizing marketing and advertising campaigns, Tesz is planning her next big trip abroad. “I want to visit every continent at least once in my lifetime — even Antarctica! There is so much beauty and joy that exists in the world and traveling is how I bring all of that into my life,” shares Tesz. “One of the best trips I ever took was flying to the Philippines to participate in a Habitat for Humanity project where I helped lay brick and plaster walls. Building a home for a family is one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences imaginable. Team DSC® has enriched their legacy by building both exquisite homes and truly meaningful relationships with their team and clients. Being a part of something so incredibly special is such an honor.”