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Marcos Castro

Labor Foreman

The day that Marcos Castro was named DSC Team Member of the Month was a good day.

“Besides my physical work, the best thing I do for DSC is caring for my team and our customers,” says Marcos. “I do this by making sure things get done the right way and motivating others to give their best as well.”

As an assistant to DSC Superintendents, Marcos’ broad set of duties range from helping with trade coordination and jobsite safety to leading final project completion so that home sites are presentation ready. “Up to this point, there hasn’t been a task that I haven’t been able to accomplish for Desert Star,” says Marcos, who became a DSC employee in 2009. For several years prior to that, Marcos provided expert wrought iron and woodworking services for a host of DSC projects. “I plan to work here for many more years and to continue to grow in the ways I serve the company and our customers.”

Marcos has completed college and University classes in Mexico and the U.S., and hopes to achieve a degree in project management. Other top items on his to do list? To spend as much time as possible with his family and two sons. “Now that I’ve become a father, I admire my mother even more for raising me and my brothers the way she did — by herself and regardless of her physical limitation of being deaf. She was always there for us.”

Summers are his favorite time of year, with family trips to the beach usually being on the itinerary. The only thing that usually make any time of year better… ribs from his favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse.