The Before Images

On June 1, 2012, members of the Dream Rooms effort joined to celebrate the power of one, and the power of many joined in a common cause. It’s the story of how a team of talented designers and construction experts, along with a community of generous supporters, turned ten uninhabitable hotel rooms at the Phoenix Dream Center into safe havens. Where victims of human trafficking can find refuge as they heal, rediscover their potential and rebuild their lives.

To the 10 design firms, 34 DSC trade partners, 300 contributing companies and more than 1,000 volunteers who made these rooms a reality, a simple thank you falls short. But that is what we’re offering with gracious hearts. The same can be said to Arizona Foothills Magazine. While the Dream Room designers and trades were donating their time, talent and resources, you were doing the same. You were our “voice” in the community and, thanks to your wide reach as a popular media vehicle, you increased awareness of the human trafficking happening right here in Phoenix and you broadened our base of community supporters.

We continue to stand amazed at your cumulative response. From the moment each of you was approached by Team DSC®, you not only said “yes” to bringing these Dream Rooms to reality, you followed that reply with, “What else can we do?” Arizona Foothills published story after story on our progress. Friends of Team DSC® responded with hands-on and materials support. Our design firms willingly gave of their expertise and spirit. Then they reached out to their own trades and suppliers, securing encouragement and donations that allowed Team DSC® to complete this effort at zero cost to The Rescue Project.

We’ve reflected before on the idea that human trafficking seems like a problem of other countries. When Team DSC® realized this malevolence was happening in our own city—to girls who are someone’s daughter, granddaughter, sister or niece—we could not turn a blind eye. We knew we could make a difference. Then you knew you could make a difference. And you didn’t turn away.

Because of this, one group of women are now surrounded by a real-world example of this community’s love and care. They are rebuilding their lives in the safety of your Dream Rooms, and that inspires us to continue our quest. Team DSC® is honored to call you colleagues and friends. You are a true Dream Team!