Karen Rapp Interiors

When asked what she hoped to take away from her time creating the perfect Dream Room, Karen Rapp replied, “I’m honored to be a part of the dream.” Since 1987, Karen Rapp Interiors has offered the world a lifetime of inspiration that has helped countless clients discover their own personal sense of taste and style. Now she is giving her luxury design expertise back to young women in need of a space that allows them the freedom and inspiration to hope again. She wants to provide every guest with the foundation upon which to dream about the endless possibilities that enrich their lives. From the time she was a child, Karen’s imagination was captivated by the art of interior decorating. This passion led to many life-changing experiences throughout her career. Such opportunities have opened her to the beauty of life. With her Dream Room, Karen wishes nothing more than to help others open their own hearts to the incredible beauty that surrounds us all.