Janet Brooks Design

Before joining Desert Star Construction in the grand redesign of The Dream Rooms, Janet Brooks, owner of Janet Brooks Design in North Scottsdale, had been looking for a cause where she could offer more than just her time. She wanted to share her tremendous love for luxury design in a way that would inspire resounding peace and joy in people’s lives. When she began her project, Janet and her professional team of interior designers imagined a Dream Room that would inspire young women to find the good and the power within themselves in a way they never thought possible. She wanted to create a place where life can completely change. She created a haven where a person has a real chance to start anew. Throughout her illustrious design career, Janet has never used the same piece of furniture or the same fabric twice because she believes that beauty is truly unique to each individual. She is a living example that good designers are team players who bring out the best in all the trades and other professionals on each custom build or project.